Story: Of Heists and Hustles

Art by: IronicSnap

[Rating K9][Crime][Action/Adventure][Humor][Heist][Crossover][Complete]

Delightfully in-character with a tone that can shift from intensely personal to at times uproariously funny (and everywhere in between), “Of Heists and Hustles” is a deftly told crossover tale that predominantly fuses the worlds of Zootopia and the Sly Cooper video game series. That’s not all, though; along the way, you’ll find characters from The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda and more. But don’t mistake this for some ill-conceived mish-mash of different intellectual properties thrown together just for the hell of it; “Of Heists and Hustles” weaves its worlds into an infectiously entertaining heist story rife with clever dialogue, endearing characters and a particularly charming take on the partnership of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, both professionally and personally. Unfamiliar with the non-Zootopia titles used? Don’t fret. A few chapters in and you’ll barely recall ever minding. – YFWE

Author: IronicSnap

Description :
The world’s largest gemstone has arrived in Zootopia! Sly wants to steal it. Judy wants an adventure. Nick just wants his partner to survive to the end of the week. Things are complicated by a foxy Interpol inspector and a rival gang led by a dangerous, shadowy mastermind. As new relationships are forged, old ones begin to strain.

Of Heists and Hustles
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