Art of the Day #114: Completely Canon

Zootopia by Saliov
Source [1]

Zootopia is a beautiful movie. You wouldn’t still be fans of it if that weren’t the case.  But sometimes we can get a little too focused on what we imagine about the movie to really think about just how the movie inspired us.

So today, this art of the day will be focused on showing appreciation to Zootopia. And by that I mean the film itself- not on crossovers, or shipping, or even nick and judy just hanging out at the station. Today is all about recreating some of the magnificent faces, or screenshots, or actions that we see directly in the film, and expressing them in our own unique styles.  Think of it as a sort of “life drawing” exercise, if you will.

Get your art after the break!

Nick Wilde by The-Manga-Penguin
Source [2]

Mystic Springs Oasis by MonoFlax by MonoFlax
Source [3]

You are so much more than that by PopAnimals
Source [4]

ツイログ色鉛筆ズートピア詰め by ↓Pダッシュ↑クラウド狂
Source [5]

How about a Carrot Farmer by MonoFlax by MonoFlax
Source [6]

Mr Big by Sephiansem
Source [7]

Judy Hopps (Zootopia) by SakuTori
Source [8]

うさちゃん by メルメト
Source [9]

6 by EarlymorningFox
Source [10]

Wait, huh? by ruaidri
Source [11]

Judy Hopps by ptdrawings
Source [12]

“I’ll let you reason.. In 48 hours.” by judy-flopps
Source [13]

ズートピアまとめ1 by ぽきち
Source [14]

Nick Wilde -Zootopia- by EdigsBro
Source [15]

Zootopia: Nick and Judy by TheBigFourLover1234
Source [16]

The sketch Judy zootopia by SalamanDra-S
Source [17]

ツイログ色鉛筆ズートピア詰め by ↓Pダッシュ↑クラウド狂
Source [18]

ツイログ色鉛筆ズートピア詰め by ↓Pダッシュ↑クラウド狂
Source [19]

[Title Unknown] by @_iasatay
Source [20]

ズートピア Zootopia by zdrer456
Source [21]

would I ever by Pharat00n
Source [22]

Screenshot Hatch-over by BlueDouble
Source [23]

Well, I know a thing or two about being a jerk… by ruaidri
Source [24]

Disney’s ‘Zootopia:’ Nick Wilde Graphite Drawing by AlexandraBowmanArt
Source [25]

Zootopia by xSnarfy
Source [26]

Try Everything by Retehi
Source [27]

Judy Hopps – It’s called a hustle sweetheart by Tobs74
Source [28]

Mrs. Otterton by Whatijustdidnow by Whatijustdidnow
Source [29]

Angry Nick by AndreSKalin by AndrejSKalin
Source [30]

Zootopia III – Day #55 by AngelGanev
Source [31]

Judy Hopps by Jade-Viper by Jade-Viper
Source [32]

Zoomania Zootopia by minchen93 by minchen93
Source [33]

Zootopia Pixel Art by Tobs74
Source [34]

ニクジュディlog by たま
Source [35]


  1. Whole lot of skilled colored pencil artists/graphite pencil artists, my favorite style. Might be because I draw predominately in those forms, but still….

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