Jack Savage: Bunny Investigator- a seriously old-timey radioplay!

Jack Savage, by 10Milz

Imagine, for a moment, Zootopia in the 1930’s.  It was a simpler time in entertainment-  the golden age of the Radio Show.  Generous sponsors, such as Hamhock’s Tooth-Whitening Tonic (perfect for predator and prey alike), brought zootopia marvelous melodramas and magnificent mysteries, Mondays through Fridays!  During this time, mammals got their kicks listening to the tales of Zootopia’s greatest detective, who you know and love to this day.  So tune in today as ZNN highlights just such a blast from the past with Jack Savage: Bunny Investigator in The Case of the Five Kalahari Gemstones of Gemsbok Kahn!

This radio play was written, directed, and produced by Comicanon, starring Alabaster as Skye, Clunkbot as the announcer, Comicanon as Jack Savage, and many, many more!  If you like audio dramas that are just dripping in style, you’ll love this!

Check it out over on Soundcloud, show some love to the creators over on tumblr, and listen to the full 34 Minute Production after the break!

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