Important information for fanfiction authors!


ZNN is growing, and with growth comes some change!  But change is usually a good thing, so I don’t mind.  I’ll keep this announcement short for you all, though!

If you have a fanfic to submit to ZNN, we now have a dedicated email address for that!  Send your stories to [email protected] and we guarantee we will get it, review it, and potentially feature it!

If you want to increase your chances of getting featured, then I HIGHLY recommend you take a look at our Editor’s Omnibus, which has advice and guides to help writers with grammar and content issues we may have.  Keep in mind, the narrative and character issues are guidelines- we review them situationally, but we won’t completely reject your fic unless it keeps us from enjoying your story.  If we do reject your story, we will cite reasons from this omnibus, so give it a read!

That’s all for now!  Until next time, remember, as always…

Try Everything!

-Andy Lagopus