Story: Run

Art by Red-Velvet-Panda

[Drama] [Rated T-13]

In case “The Campaign” wasn’t enough for
you, now Judy Hopps herself is running for mayor of Zootopia! I am amazed that I
have never seen this idea before now , and it is executed beautifully. In
addition to the race itself, the story even ties it into a crime mystery just to
keep our candidate on her toes. – Berserker

Author: Euphonemes

Description : As the city of Zootopia recovers
from a massive conspiracy, decorated ZPD officer Judy Hopps discovers how
difficult it can be to find meaning in her work in this new world. But when an
old friend offers up an idea on how she can truly serve her city and find a
greater purpose, Judy will put to the test just what it means for anyone to be
anything. (Intrigue; OC; Dash of Romance)


Help can come from unexpected places.


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