[Video] Battlefield: Zootopia

For some reason, Battlefield 1 keeps giving us things to make awesome videos out of.  We had the release trailer back in May that got made into this awesome Zootopia video, and now that we have an official Campaign Trailer for the game, it was a matter of time until that got Zootopia-ized!

Excellent work on your debut video, NickWilde ZPD!  If this is the sort of thing we can expect from him in the future, I’d definitely recommend subscribing to him!

Check out the epic trailer after the break!


  1. When you just don't know how to be creative… I'm really not a fan of these, It's like the author just had a random idea and made this thinking it would fit ? There may be a little work put into it but, not that much

    • Took me almost 4 hours to locate, sync, and edit the film along with transitions and sound. Tried my best, but you are entitled to your opinion. :/

    • I'm sorry if I look so mean, but even tho' you may have spend time to it (I respect that), it is… not very interesting to watch in my opinion, I know you like what you did dude, I hate to be that person, try to improve your work, that's all I can say 😉 (I'm french)

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