Comic: Wildehopps Interview (Original by Meno)

Unlike Western Zootopia comics, almost all of the Japanese comics start with the premise that Nick and Judy are not dating, and a lot of the humor comes from the two of them doing things that a dating couple would do while adamantly denying that they’re in a relationship. This is one of the rare comics where they’re officially dating, and being interviewed on their relationship! What secrets might be revealed, I wonder?

Thanks to Meno for making the original comic, and thanks to LMAbacus for translating it for us. You can find the original on twitter and, as usual, read from right to left and get your translated comic after the break!


  1. Interesting how I've seen comics that use red and gray to denote Nick and Judy's dialogue. This one is using eye color instead of fur color…even though the drawings are in grayscale.

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