Story(???) – Blick

A while ago, I made a promise.  I promised Tomlocke, the first Abyss Gazer, that if we hit a million views, I would post a very special story.  A story which lives in the halls of ZNN history.  A story that is required reading among the ZNN staff.  
Not even joking- we’ve all had to read it.
Best ingested between 1 and 3 AM, this is what happens when a good writer decides to make the worst story they possibly can.  It is a testament and tribute to all the bad fanfiction out there… and a consolation to all aspiring writers, that no matter how bad your story is, it isn’t this.
This is… Blick.

Really, listen to the audiobook and read along for the full experience.
You will (or will not) regret it.

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