Story: Out of the Woods

[Mystery] [Drama] [Romance] [Rated T-13]
When Nick’s past theatens the safety of both his and Judy’s lives, they must work together in order to not only save themselves, but the citizens of Zootopia.  Can they stop the threat before it’s too late?

With great pacing and an excellent plot to match it, this story is more comparable to a roller coaster. At times, you feel as though everything will be fine, but then the dip comes followed by the corkscrews and loops which bring you back to reality. – Namicle

Author: Alan Schezar

Description: Ten months after they cracked the Night Howler case, a life and death crisis forces Judy and Nick to confront their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, a specter from Nick’s checkered past threatens to plunge Zootopia into blood soaked anarchy.

Out of the Woods

Now with Translation into Polish!  Check that out here!

Additional Tags: When will Nick’s past ever give him a break?


  1. OH EM GOODNESS! ::takes deep breath:: YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS! ::runs in circles with flailing arms:: I am so stoked to have my story featured here 😀 Thanks so much, Andy and crew! 😀

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