Art of the Day #48

ニクジュディまとめ by ひよ♡(。•ө•。)
Source [1]

Imagine if Zootopia were directed by Tim Burton.  We could have gotten that whole ZooDystopia storyline, and it might have been seriously creepy.

You know, I’m sorta glad it didn’t go that route.  But if, say, some fans were to start up a project like that… well let’s just say I wouldn’t be against it.

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Sleep of the Righteous by KayaStoneford
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象の木陰 by あたこ
Source [3]

Nick Wilde by Sendraxmon
Source [4]

Day off by twinklepug
Source [5]

Nick and Judy by WePePe
Source [6]

Gracias Zootopia! by Sendraxmon
Source [7]

Digital version of “Selfie!” by sgtpeppersofab
Source [8]

By:NEO by mattnyc816
Source [9]

[Title Unknown] by crewefox
Source [10]

[Title Unknown] by crewefox
Source [11]

[Title Unknown] by jellyfishcakes
Source [12]

nick & judy by gorgeo
Source [13]

wii woo wii woo~ by onemegawatt
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ズートピアLOG by 粥
Source [15]

ズートピアLOG by 粥
Source [16]

causal bun! 💖 by bacanno
Source [17]

ZOOTOPIA LOG ① by はるすけ
Source [18]

最近描いたズートピア絵2 by 一角天馬(GALLOP)
Source [19]

ぱとろーる by ぶっち
Source [20]