Ranger Scout Challenge #3- Now with Sweepstakes!!!


We’ve successfully passed our first goal over on Patreon! Thank you so much for that!  And, as promised, we will now be hosting contests and sweepstakes on a semi-regular basis! So, until we can come up with a really good contest that we feel we could judge fairly, we’re tying the Ranger Scout Challenges to some Sweepstakes!  What does this mean for the RSC?

Every submission you send in for the RSC counts as a chance to win a prize!   So, if I were to submit one thing for each challenge, I would have a total of three chances to win!

This time, the prizes are Official Zootopia Plushies from the Disney Store!  The possible options are Nick, Judy, and Little Toot-Toot (Aka Finnick).  We’ll start with one of each, but if we get over 20 submissions we’ll increase that so more people get prizes!

So, I’m betting you’re all eager to hear what the challenges are now, so let’s get to that, shall we?

1. Compose and perform an original song based on Zootopia.  Original remixes of Try Everything are okay as well.

2.  Write a story or draw a comic based on “Mentioned, but not present” characters from the movie.  See this image for examples. When you submit, be sure to include a reference to the movie where this character is mentioned.  We will also accept stories and comics involving characters who did make an appearance or were mentioned by name, but never got any speaking lines. 

3. Make the World a Better Place by doing service in your community!  You can do it on your own or with other people.  It can be anything from picking up trash along a road to volunteering at a local soup kitchen, so long as you do some form of service while the challenge is underway!  Take a picture every time you serve, and submit that to us so we know you were actually helping people!

Because these challenges are a bit larger than previous tasks we’ve had you do, we’ll give you some more time to get them done.

Submissions are due by Midnight EST on Monday, August 29th.  Send them in to [email protected]  Be sure to include “RSC 3” in the subject line of your email when you send it.

Thank you all again so much for your continued love and support for ZNN!  The more pledges and donations we get, the more cool stuff like this we can do for you guys, so go check out the Patreon and Paypal donation links over in the sidebar!

Good luck everyone!  And remember, as always…

Try Everything!


  1. Let's see, I can definitely do the second, I might be able to do the first, but Andy, I just did something for the 3rd challenge on my trip! Talk about bad timing!

  2. Does working for the goverment administrative wing (IDs, passports, etc.) counts : )? Sometimes i bent the rules a little to help ppl, but you can do it only so much. Working with ppl is hard and stressfull job, in the end though, i kinda like it. I know it sounds weird, but what can i say. serving mankind is its own reward…

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