Story: Judy Jumps In Headfirst

[COMMISSION] Peas by Ziegelzeig
[Humor] [Romance] [Rated T-13]
Another PullTogether story?  Other Andy, check and see if my heart will be ripped to sheds again and let me know! – Andy Lagopus

Combining humor and romance has an interesting way of presenting itself in a lot of stories, in this case, it has a nice blend that doesn’t interfere with the overall beats of the story. Either as a standalone or a small continuation to Lives Unraveled, this fiction is a story that might give you a laugh or two. – Other Andy

So that’s a no on the heartbreak?  Great!  Then be sure to give it a read! – Andy Lagopus

Author: PullTogether
Description: Nick and Judy realize there’s more between them than just friendship after he enlists some elephant-sized help getting her out of a particularly tight spot. Always remember to look before you leap, Judy! Nick Judy humor and fluffy romance. This story can be read as a standalone, but I like to think it takes place shortly after my other story, Lives Unraveled.
Additional Tags: There are some innuendos here and there but nothing to worry about.


  1. Tell Andy L. to quit being a baby and go read it 😛 I figure this story is my penance for the rest of them, especially my third story.

  2. (Andy, an "Edit" button would be really nice for those of us who are too quick at clicking the "Publish" button before our brains actually finish proofreading our posts so we don't have too delete and retype. OR I could just exercise some patience…that might also work….)


  3. I mean if a picture of Nick holding a bag of frozen peas on his junk doesn't make someone want to read a story, I don't know what will.

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