Comic: Holding Out for a Hero (by Quirky-Middle-Child)

This fandom has some amazing comic artists.  On the English side of things (not even going into all the amazing comics we’ve translated because we’d be here all day), you have Weaver, who is able to take something sexual and silly and make it heart-wrenching (or the other way around).  You have Mead, whose series are so emotional you need to buy new tissues every time he releases something new.

And then you have the brother-sister duo of Ask The ZPD and Quirky-Middle-Child, who provide much needed comic relief among all the feels.  They’re especially great at crossovers, which shows just how versatile the cast of Zootopia is- you can make Bellwether and Lionheart into Yzma and Kronk, or get Nick to do a Hula, and it still makes some sort of sense.

And they don’t just have to do crossovers with Disney- Dreamworks has plenty to offer in the crossover department as well!  So without further ado, get “Holding Out For A Hero” ready, because it’s time for Nick and Judy to re-create the epic climax scene from Shrek 2!

Get it after the break!

The Cast
The Comic


  1. That's very sweet. Judy sure didn't like that Prince Charming very much. But come to think of it, neither did Fiona. Problem is now I'm going to imagine Stu and Bonnie sounding like John Cleese and Julie Andrews.

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