Story: Short Tails

Original by RPZoot
Colored and edited by Nayolfa

[Slice(s) of life] [Rated M-16]
I personally despise one-shots on the basis of I have seen some very bad ones.  However, Clunkbot’s vignettes get a nice little pass.  You’re a wizard (I mean shonen hero) Harry! ~Pre-Reader Tom

Author: Clunkbot

Description: Short Tails is a collection of short, one-shot fiction stories set across Zootopia, both in canon and alternative timelines.  Stories run the emotional gamut from horror to comedy to tragedy and war drama.  This is an ongoing writing project made to experiment with style and narrative by me, and is updated fairly regularly with one shot pieces.

Short Tails

Additional Tags: ALL THE ONE-SHOTS!

Table of contents after the break! (More useful for this than most other stories)

“The Skinnymen”
On family, brotherhood, and love
Horses in the sky, part 1
Horses in the sky, part 2
Cops and Dreamers
Your Lucky Day
Dinner for Three Part 1
Dinner for Three Part 2
It’s Only Dancing


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