Zootopia’s Funniest Home Videos?

Um… Disney?  I know we’ve been begging you for more Zootopia stuff ever since the movie came out, and have been asking about getting it on TV, but… I don’t think this is what we meant?

Apparently, as a part of the season finale of America’s Funniest Home Videos (otherwise known as AFV) they will be airing a brand-new segment called Zootopia’s Funniest Home Videos.   Although they call it a “hit series”?

I have absolutely no idea what this entails, but I’m holding out hope that it means more fully-animated scenes.  Maybe voice-actor bloopers with some new animation to them, a la Lion King?

Whatever it is, I’m definitely looking forward to it.  Tune in to ABC this Sunday at 7PM EST to watch the Season Finale of AFV, with an exclusive look at ZFV.

And if you live outside of the US or don’t have a way to watch it on ABC, don’t worry, we’ll post the video on its own once it’s out.

Check out the promo trailer after the break!  Or on Facebook, if that’s your style.