100,000 PAGEVIEWS!

Art by… Andy Lagopus???

Holy Cow!  You are all absolutely amazing, you know that?  We’ve gone from 0 to 100,000 pageviews in only 43 days.  That is astounding!  I never in a thousand years could have predicted this would happen.  Thank you all so, so much.

So, I decided to make a piece of art to celebrate the occasion.  That’s right, you’re looking at Andy J. Lagopus, the Arctic Fox in charge of Zootopia News Network!  …and I created a fursona, didn’t I?

Oh well, no going back now.

Let’s take a moment to look back at the beginnings of ZNN after the break.  Because wow, it has changed quite a bit in the short time it’s been up.

If you don’t feel like getting nostalgic for stuff that was just about a month ago, let me just end by saying this.

You’re all fantastic.  Zootopia is a great movie, but you guys, the fans… you’re the ones that gave me a reason to even make this site.  Your art, your stories, your comics, your music- ZNN relies entirely on you guys, and you guys have been phenomenal.   I can’t thank you enough.

So, until next time, always remember…

Try Everything!

-Andy J. Lagopus

[Look back at ZNN’s Early Days after the break]

The Earliest Days of ZNN

Welcome to ZNN!

Starting everything off, we have this post, which laid down some basic ground rules of what ZNN is and is not, and how you guys can contribute to it!  I’ve made a few modifications and adjustments as reality has required, but it’s mostly remained the same.

Aviators – Impossible

After that, the first piece of fan-made content we featured was the beautiful “Impossible” by Aviators.  Still one of the best pieces of original music from the fandom, in my opinion.

Comic: Married

And then we followed it up with the very first comic we featured: Married, by Angelus19!

Buy Everything – Zootopia Parody by ACRacebest
And then the first fan parody of Try Everything.  I laughed at it when I saw it at first, since I have never bought deliberately bought any fandom merchandise before.  Now I’m writing this and there are figures of Nick, Judy, and Chief Bogo on my desk, and The Art of Zootopia in my bag.
Well played, Disney.  Well played.
Art of the Day #1
And then we began the Art of the Day posts.  I’ve been doing these things for over a month now, and I still don’t feel like I’ve even made a dent in the amount of awesome artwork you guys have made.  Keep it up, these are fun!
It was at that point that I realized I’d launched the site the day before April Fool’s Day.
Naturally, I had some fun with the few of y’all who had found the site by then.
Art of the Day #2- Free Shipping!
And thus began the trend of having every even-numbered Art of the Day be based around some sort of theme.  Overall, I’d say it’s turned out pretty good so far!
World of Warcraft references Zootopia in April Fool’s Day Patch Notes!

World of Warcraft actually did this, which was pretty neat.

And a couple of posts later, I ended April Fool’s Day with a little “animation”, which was the most popular post on the site for several weeks, much to my amusement.

It’s The Hustle, Sweetheart!

If you missed that and are curious as to what on Earth that animation is, I’ll just post it below for your viewing pleasure.

So, that wraps up the first two days of ZNN’s history!
The fact that you all stuck around and kept coming back is frankly astonishing, I didn’t deserve it after a stunt like that.
Once again, thank you for indulging me in my obsession with this movie.  If you had told me a year ago I’d get 100,000 pageviews on a blog about anthropomorphic animals, I would have just laughed in your face.  But here I am,
And I’m happier than I’ve been in months.
Thank you all for the incredible journey that running ZNN has been the past month.  Onwards to 250,000!