Art of the Day #2 – Free Shipping!

Judy’s Valentine by iEddie
Source [1]

If there’s one thing everyone agrees on when they leave the theater after seeing Zootopia, it’s this: Judy Hopps is totally going to get with that fox.

…Okay, maybe not everyone agrees.  But there’s still a huge amount of shipping art, so we’re going to share it!
Check out the best ship that’s sailed in quite some time after the break!
Gideon Grey First Sketches by Gerardson
Source [2]
Okay, Okay, I know you probably weren’t expecting her to end up with her childhood bully, but Geradson here makes a pretty good case for it!
Gideon and Judy at beach by Gerardson
Source [3]
More shipping of Judeon by Gerardson
Source [4]
Gid x Jud by Gerardson
Source [5]
Gideon x Judy by Gerardson
Source [6]
See?  Aren’t they just adorable?
Still, if that’s not your style, I can hardly blame you.  Judy definitely seems to have a better relationship with another predator you all know and love.
Well, Cookie-Lovey has you covered!
Benjamin x Judy by Cookie-Lovey
Source [7]
don’t say Anything! by Cookie-Lovey
Source [8]
No Time to go on The Phone by Cookie-Lovey
Source [9]
BxJ’s Wedding Day by Cookie-Lovey
Source [10]
a Name for The Baby by Cookie-Lovey
Source [11]
And if that still doesn’t suit your tastes, there’s still plenty of art out there to prove that your OTP is the true OTP.
Judy Hopps x Bonkers D. Bobcat!  – Disney Cops #1 by Timon-Berkowitz
Source [12]
If I ran the Zoo by MustLoveFrogs
Source [13]

And who ever said that the shipping had to actually make sense in the world of Zootopia?
*Looks at the submission rules I wrote yesterday*
…I said it has to be connected, I didn’t say it needed to make sense!

Carrot and judy hopps by zigrock001
Source [14]
Okay, I will admit this is starting to get a bit ridiculous.  Judy, you know what to do.
Canon by KingdomBlade
Source [15]
Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!


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