Art of the Day #25

Zootopia by Dravening
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Art is good!  
Art is fun!  
Art is special!  
Art is cool!  
-A poem by Andy Lagopus
I’ll give a nickel to anyone who can find deeper meaning in that.*
Get your art after the break!
*I actually won’t.  I can’t afford that.
Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde! by MelBaka
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Gideon Grey by Kristall004
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Judy Hopps reacting to Dreamkeepers by Dreamkeepers
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Nick Wilde by AlexsBabyBear
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Disney Zootopia bad end? by MikMerfiller
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Bogo by The-Ravens-Of-Moraea
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Starsky Hopps and Hutch Wilde by kofee-cup
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[Zootopia] Suit NICK by area32
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Lion for Mayor by HiKazeDragon
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Officer Judy Hopps by Sintakhra
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Contest Entry Zootopia by lackkoba
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Zootopia by StarryNight-Skye
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Carrot Cake by ohsh
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Group Selfie by chirenbo
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Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps by TheDracoJayProduct
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.:Zootopia, Zootropolis or Zoomania:. by JACKSPICERCHASE
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Judy by Lillzki
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Working Day by n09142
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bunnycop by FullMetalSniper
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