Welcome to ZNN!

Welcome to ZNN, Zootopia’s #1 Source of News!
Our goal is to bring you all the Zootopia news and content that you could ever want.  Art, Stories, Music, Animation… whatever you make, we will share with the world!


We rely on you, the community, to help keep us up to date on the goings-on of the Zootopia Fandom.
Therefore, we need YOU to submit your creations to us so that we are aware of them and can give them the credit and recognition they deserve!  The same applies to news stories- if you think that something newsworthy has just happened, and we have not yet written about it, then PLEASE submit it to us so we can cover it.



A couple of ground rules for submitting your content

  • No art/stories of OC’s or Fursonas unless they are directly related to Disney’s Zootopia. That means a picture of an original anthropomorphic mouse living in Little Rodentia is okay, but a picture of an anthropomorphic wolf (without any context placing them in Zootopia) is not.  There is simply too much art of anthropomorphic animals on the internet already.  We’re here for Zootopia.  Not for the entire Furry community.
  • NO PORN.  Shipping is okay, but pornography will not be tolerated.  Art that implies sexual behavior off-screen is allowed, but will be tagged as “PG-13”.  The same goes for stories and fanfiction.
  • NO GORE.  Explicit gore (organs, mutilation, etc.) is not allowed.  Off-screen or implied gore (blood and violent noises) will be allowed, but tagged “PG-13”.
  • No Plagiarism.  If you didn’t make the art, you can still submit it and we’ll review it, but be sure to credit the original creator.  Otherwise, we’re not going to post it.
Rules specific for Fanfiction
  • Include an image with your submission so we can have something visually interesting to make your story stand out.  This is reality- people do judge books (and fanfics) by their cover, so make a good first impression!
    • You do not have to make your own art or commission an artist in order for it to count.  It just needs to be appropriate for the story you are telling, and you need to credit the original artist.
  • Get somebody else to check your story for spelling and grammar errors before you submit.  If your story is unreadable, we will not post it.
  • If your story is a one-shot, let us know when you submit.  Otherwise, submit each chapter as it releases, with a link to the previous chapters.
  • Self-inserts, Deus Ex Machina, and OC’s are typically not well-recieved by the community.  However, keep in mind that some of the best fanfics do feature entirely original characters, so don’t let that discourage you from trying.  If it’s done right, it’s totally fine.  Just Be careful that you keep things related to the world presented in Disney’s Zootopia.


One final note: we are based in America, so for those living in the UK, I’m sorry, but we will be writing “Zootopia” every time we refer to the movie you know as “Zootropolis”.  If this is an issue for enough people, we will figure out a way to make a dedicated UK version of the site.  The same goes for other languages- if there is enough demand for it, we will figure out a way to meet your needs.


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