Fanfiction Submission Rules and Guidelines

Thank you for considering ZNN as the future home of your hard work. We’re honored that you want to showcase your story with us.
Remember to submit your stories to [email protected].
If you want to maximize your chances of getting your story featured, we have some rules for you to review.


1) Try to only submit your own works, but you CAN submit others’, too.
If you want to submit a suggestion for a fanfic, that’s okay, but make it clear in your submission email that you are NOT the author, and that I should NOT reply to you with the pre-readers’ comments and critique. NOTE: if you submit a work not your own, we still reach out to the original author to get their approval before posting it on ZNN.
2) Edit your submission before sending it in. 
Please do not rely on the pre-readers for editing services or in-depth feedback. As we are uncompensated volunteers, we simply do not have the time or capacity to help every author improve their work. Try The Omnibus or one of the many fanfiction editing groups on the internet.

3) Ensure your story meets our length requirements.
4) We will not accept the following:
  • — X-rated content, including sexually transgressive or gory stories
  • — Incest, kidshipping beyond a schoolyard crush, and other broad cultural taboos
  • — Humanized stories will be taken on a case by case basis
  • — Copy-paste stories (e.g. The text of Harry Potter with character names swapped out)
  • — Stories written in a language other than English
  • — Drug references are not permitted, alcohol references will be taken on a case by case basis.  If you want to talk about that sort of thing, make up a drug, don’t use real-world drugs.
  • — We do not accept stories involving real people (from the fandom or otherwise).
  • — Script format stories

5) Pay attention to the feedback we give you.
If you submit the same story multiple times with no improvements, it will not be posted.

6) Take a look at our Editor’s Omnibus.
The first four points above are non-negotiable; we just highly recommend this last one. The ZNN Editor’s Omnibus is a continuously updated guide that covers the common pitfalls and oversights of many novice authors, and even some more experienced writers might find some use from it. Give it a once-over and see if its words might help yours before you send us that email.

One note about the Omnibus- for Narrative and Character issues, the items highlighted in RED will almost certainly lead to your story getting rejected.  For the rest, consider them areas to be wary of, but if you feel you can use them properly, then go right ahead.

7) If you submit a story, make sure we can see it on the internet! 

That means you need to post it on a website that is dedicated to fanfiction, like, ArchiveOfOurOwn.Org, Wattpad, Inkitt, and so on.  This is so we can easily track when new chapters are added to your story, and so we don’t have to go searching for it manually every time.
If you really, really want to use something else, ask us first, and be prepared for us to tell you to email us directly every time you add a new chapter.  Otherwise it’s just going to be impossible for us to keep track.  Sorry, but deviantart and tumblr really aren’t very good places for keeping ongoing stories.  It’d be much simpler for everyone involved if you were to use one of the other sites that we do approve.
Have a question that isn’t answered above?
Email [email protected] with any question or concerns and we’ll do our best to quickly reply.
Now, does your fic meet all the requirements? Then SUBMIT IT HERE!
Note: If you think this looks familiar, that’s because we are applying the same rules that Equestria Daily uses.  This post was adapted to suit ZNN’s needs with permission from Sethisto.


  1. What should the format of a submission email look like? A simple link and story title? A brief description? And not to sound overly-pushy, but how soon should a rejection, suggestion, or acceptance email be expected? Thanks!

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