Art of the Day #4 – Starring Nick-geta and Gide-son Goku!

Saiyan Foxes [Zootopia] by DarkTailsXZ
Source [1]

Every new blog has exactly one opportunity to say this.  I know it’s an old joke, I know it’s overplayed, but I have to you guys.  It’s my duty as a citizen of the internet.  I must.

“Nick-geta, What does the scouter say about the pageview level?”
ITS OVER 9000!

Seriously though, guys, this blog is one week old tomorrow and it already has this many pageviews.  I’m humbled.  Thank you so, so much for all the support you’ve shown to this little blog so far.  I expected to maybe reach this point by the end of the month, not by the end of the week!
Well, let’s not stop here!  On to art! (after the break)
Zootopia’s precious babies by Reggae Cyp
Source [2]
Animals by DramaGhostGirl
Source [3]
Chief Bogo – I don’t Care by Samoht-Lion
Source [4]
Judy Hopps – Colored by MalimarTheMage
Source [5]
Challenger Accepted! by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [6]
Zootopia Doodle by tsaileehua
Source [7]
Lost Bet by Moenkin
Source [8]
Detective Nick Wilde by PK4G
Source [9]
The Big Catch by ZootopiaStories
Source [10]
Side note- we need more art of Judy Big (or whatever Fru-Fru’s last name is now).
Judy and Nick by tinemariengaard
Source [11]
Con Artist by Alasou
Source [12]
Zootopia Wolves by nik159
Source [13]
Zootopia by J0N-Lankry
Source [14]
Nick and his Dad by kit-ray-live
Source [15]
Another side note- more art of nick’s dad please!


  1. I beleive the joke in the picture is that the Spanish voice actor of Nick is the same va for Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, pretty cool nonetheless.

    • Certainly and specially in the Latin American Spanish dubbling to see that the voice actors of Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z appears as Gideon Grey and Nick Wilde of Zootopia

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