Imaging Zootopia – A documentary diving into the creation and production of Zootopia! O.M.Goodness it is awesome!

[EDIT: I Know that I’m posting it “late” compared to when it was “released” on Reddit, but I’d rather have this website remain good in the eyes of Disney’s lawyers.  So, I’m releasing this the second it OFFICIALLY premiere
s.  If that means this is a repost to you, I’m sorry.]

The wonderful people over at Fusion TV have just released a 45-minute, in-depth look into the making of what is possibly one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen.  From world-building, to fur design, to the major changes they made to the main narrative, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Documentary after the break!  You don’t want to miss this!


  1. This documentary was wonderful, it's really interesting to see just how much work went into making such a phenomenal movie. It's honestly a miracle this movie came together at all considering the massive rewrite so late in development! It serves as a testament to the skill and passion of the guys behind this experience, and I hope to see nothing but great things from Disney Animations in the future.

  2. Seeing this makes me want to see the original story, the one with the collars. seeing Nick explaining it as a dream in Night Terrors just isn't real enough

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