Art/Comic: Judy’s Day Off (By TheGorySaint)


For those of us who work the grueling schedule of the everyday layperson, day offs are things we come to relish. Even those who have retired often find themselves getting back into the workforce for one reason or another. So regardless of where you are in life, the days where you can sit back and relax or just do whatever strikes the mood are usually both relished and often don’t feel like they happen nearly often enough.

On that note, I’m sure most of us have given at least some thought about what exactly some of our favorite characters on the silver screen do during their time off. Sure, we can post and theorize all we like, but wouldn’t it be more fun to actually see it?  Well, TheGorySaint was more than happy to tackle that subject in a recent comic post that looks at the exact sort of things supercop Judy Hopps does outside of her professional life. It makes for a nice little piece, exploring her various hobbies and personal preferences. Have you ever wondered about this? Then be sure to check out the comic and let us know what you think!

Find the comic down below or over on Twitter.