Art/Comic: Cohabiting Days – Gym Tale (By: PeanutKArts)


Ah, the gym, even if you’ve never been, you’ve probably at least considered going, maybe even with a friend. The desire to get stronger or just keep healthy is something a lot of us can relate to. That being said, the gym isn’t for everyone, after all, it takes a lot of commitment. There’s also the off chance you might run into some less-than-savory types looking to ruin your day. Be it somebody looking to force you off the equipment, or somebody making an unwanted pass at you or a friend.

This is the exact sort of problem Nick and Judy find themselves contending with in this comic by Peanut-K. The ZPD is a pretty physically demanding place so it’s natural Nick and Judy would want to stay in shape. It’s just too bad they have to deal with these sorts of nuisances as well. How do you think they’ll handle it?

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