Art/Comic: Dance Class (By The Gory Saint)


So you think you can dance? Stage set and lit up, the crowd restless and waiting for you to put on a show, do you think can put on a performance that’ll wow them? Well then, let’s hope you put in the practice and due diligence. I mean sure, anybody can dance. But you still gotta put in the time and effort if you’re looking to go pro.

Looks like Bogo may be looking to do just that in a recent comic by The Gory Saint. Good thing there’s a Gazelle dancer who can show him how it’s done, as well as a more familiar face, for better or worse. Has your curiosity been piqued yet? Are you pining for a leotard so you can join in the fun? Well, then be sure to check out the comic and let us know if it helps get your groove on in the comments below!

Give it a look in the link below or over on Twitter.


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