Art of the Day #674

Emmit Otterton Pulls His Rod Out by BaddieHolly
Source [1]

And a fine good day to you, Zootopia Aficionados…and welcome to another Art of the Day collection from ZNN

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some new fanart of Emmit Otterton–and so he’s the subject of today’s Featured Image. 

And, I must confess, this pic has a little poignancy for me.  I happen to be an avid fisherman myself–and the lake in the background bears a close resemblance to one of my favorite spots.  And…that particular lake also happens to have a resident otter. I’ve never been able to get picture of him, but he’s a big ‘un, I can tell you.

And now that I’ve thoroughly bored you,  you’re no doubt eager to get to the rest of today’s gallery. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Spring Hopps by Nolybaby
Source [2]

Judy Hopps by OliverOFilms
Source [3]

OC Greeting Nick and Judy by ChromaticPaw311
Source [4]

Nick Wilde IX by islanderfan91
Source [5]

Kill this guy by T-b0
Source [6]

Lunch with Bolt and Mittens by ChromaticPaw311
Source [7]

Judy Hopps by Bayernspitz
Source [8]

Judy and Nick circus by chunkyHug
Source [9]

Judy, Nick and Jack Marten saw Gazelle. by JManTheAngel2
Source [10]

imperfect for you by Nolybaby
Source [11]

Happy Easter! Carrots this time by Azzuretto
Source [13]

Bag and Baggage by @ahiru621
Source [14]

They’d be friends I think by @TrashCamel
Source [15]

Nick and Judy by @greenpurrpleD
Source [16]

WildeHopps in 70’s Las Vegas style by @Li_Dorky
Source [17]

Judy Up Close by @zigrock
Source [18]

he’s my hear me out by @khipart
Source [19]

Smile Nick by @greenpurrpleD
Source [20]

Thank you for the request(?) by @greenpurrpleD
Source [21]

Thank you for the request(?) by @greenpurrpleD
Source [22]

Duke Weaselton Ref Sheet by @HanssensAnthony
Source [23]

Nick and Judy by @greenpurrpleD
Source [24]

Judy and Molly by TonyNeely
Source [25]

Fox with Repellant by @dodoldam123
Source [26]


  1. Just wanted to thank you guys so much for selecting two of my pieces for this post! Enjoy getting to share my work with the rest of the Zootopia fandom! This really means a lot to me.

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