News: China East Air Launches Zootopia Themed Plane


Now that summer’s finally here, I’m sure many of have some sort of vacation plans. Are you hoping to fly in style? Well if your plans take you to China, then you might get lucky and land yourself a ticket aboard China East Air’s newest Zootopia-themed Airplane. Just about everything about the plane from its exterior and interior to even the safety cards is all themed and brimming with that classic Zootopia charm.

There is a full video taking you through not only the plane’s unveiling ceremony but even a tour of the interior, showing off the full extent of the plane’s thematic design. Flying may be a hassle these days, but it might just be worth it if it means you get to fly on this Zootopia-themed delight.

Thinking you might try to catch a flight on this plane? Check out the full article and video here for more details and decide for yourself.

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