Merch: Sleepy Nick and Judy Plushies Avaialble at Japanese Disney Store


After a long and hard day of work, I think most of us can appreciate some well-earned sleep. All the hardships of the day just melt away once you’re swept up in the comfort of being at home and safe in your bed. It’s something I imagine Judy and Nick can both appreciate, after all, nobody said making the world a better place would be easy. The new set of plushies in today’s feature certainly seems to imply their work can be very exhausting.

Tomiko over at Twitter is showing off a new set of plushies of the star Zootopia couple and they must’ve had a long day at work because boy do they look like they’re ready to sleep off the rest of the day. It’s a Japan exclusive for now, so you’ll have to check the links below for shopping details if you plan on proxy shopping for these two. Be sure to let us know what you think should you wind up getting this delightful pair.

Judy can be bought at the link here and Nick can be bought here.

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