Art of the Day #650

Zpd uniform is too fragile according to Loona.. by @powree
Source [1]

Hi there again, fellow fans of Zootopia.

A group of us held a watch-party the other day…enjoying some episodes of the Marvel Studios series, ‘WHAT IF….?”

And that brings us to today’s Featured Image:  WHAT IF…Loona joined the ZPD?  Well, for one thing, given our favorite Hellhound’s standard choice of vocabulary, it’s probably a good thing that there aren’t any dialogue bubbles in this pic.

And if you think you’re getting off that easy…forget it. We’ve got lots of other Zootopia fanart, waiting for you below. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Judy x Nick by MrMysteryt
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Zootopia Halloween by giftheck
Source [3]

Young Judy’s Halloween Sleepover Solution by KBAFourthtime
Source [4]

Sketch by Lownleinhigh
Source [5]

Here’s Lookin’ At You by White-Rabbit-Art
Source [6]

Frost by @tajimau
Source [7]

Happy Halloween 2023!!! 🎃 Be careful or the bunny witch will getcha by @TheGorySaint
Source [8]

Chains by @tajimau
Source [9]

Drip by @tajimau
Source [10]

Judy Smiles by @MrMysterytw
Source [11]

Pie n’ Coffee by @do2910na
Source [12]

Nick with a Lantern by @zoonckl
Source [13]

Nick and Judy Swapped by Dream-DM-Mouse
Source [14]

Judy Hopps Swimming by CoraWolfie
Source [15]

Wild cop by Timreet
Source [16]

Hands off carrots !!! by OldOldMan
Source [17]

Disney Theme by GinTrieu
Source [18]

These Kicks Add That Extra Kick! by OutBound
Source [19]

Nickosaurus by tangerinedragon
Source [20]

Regret by Desperado357
Source [21]

Vacation by ElMilagro
Source [22]

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  1. Ha! Loona in the ZPD? Now that’s a “What If…?” scenario I can get behind! Just imagine Nick Wilde trying to keep up with that sass while Judy Hopps wrangles her instincts (geometry dash world). The thought of Blitzo bribing Gazelle for backstage passes to her shows just cracks me up.

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