Art of the Day #610

Angry Cotton and cheeky Cotton! by @QalcoveArt
Source [1]

Hola everybody, and welcome to another fabulous ZNN Art of the Day Collection

It’s been a while since we posted a pic by Qalcove as our Featured Image. And so today we present an artwork dedicated to one of her favorite subjects–and ours–little Cotton Hopps.

Contrary to what many fans may think, Cotton is Judy’s niece rather than her sister.   And that brings us to the the rabbits hanging out in the sidebar with our favorite bunny-cop.  Those are Little Cotton’s parents, Ophelia and Jim…and like most kids, their daughter can go from mad to mischievous in .03 seconds flat.  Here’s hoping we get to see more of her in Zootopia 2.

In the meantime, we have lots of other great Zootopia fanart in store for you today…as you’ll see for yourself when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Bunny Bath Time by QalcoveArt
Source [2]

Like nothing youve seen be-fur by Animalcrossing4eva05
Source [3]

Nick Wilde by Imaplatypus
Source [4]

New Developments by Sanzokudebien
Source [5]

Judy And Nick gala outfits by Viperix
Source [6]

Elephant Keyboard by @dogear218
Source [7]

Sweating and Fever by @dogear218
Source [8]

Watching TV by @dogear218
Source [9]

Oh sorry officer by Dery
Source [10]

Nick and Judy by @hnab29
Source [11]

3 Disney Foxes by @uochandayo
Source [12]

Judy Hare by the-b-meister
Source [13]

Nick and Judy by @torio000
Source [14]

Lil’ Cotton drawing by @snoutywolf
Source [15]

Behold! BAIT! by @ArcatechART
Source [16]

“…and then DEATH.” by @whenuwerelittle
Source [17]

Judy Hopps’ casual attire by @alexaceves3
Source [18]

Judy and Nick by Nayolfa
Source [19]

Nose 2 Nose by @123_monooki
Source [20]

Nick, Check It Out by CycadaAcolyte
Source [21]

Workout Bun by @jonathanchimney
Source [22]

So I uh.. heard Zootopia was back by @Amber_Calliope
Source [23]

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  1. For me personally, the day was made better by the fact that I was able to see these pictures. After searched for it in every possible location, I stumbled into it in this one by complete chance.

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