Merch: Judy Hopps Cuddleez Large Plush


You look outside, it’s dark out and the only lights outside are those from the street lights. You yawn, it’s been a tiring day and you’ve decided that it’s time to turn in. For many people, a bed on its own is all the solace and comfort they need. But still, who doesn’t want a nice plushy to help keep them company and ease them into a nice sleep? Even better, wouldn’t you want to have Judy Hopps as that plushy? Or heck, maybe you’d just want to add a plushy like that to your collection.

Well, no worries, the Disney Asia store has you covered with their adorable plush of a sleeping Judy Hopps. I’d say it’s pretty unprofessional of her to be sleeping on the job like that, but with a face that cute, I guess we can let it slide. Especially if she’ll be helping Zootopia fans rest easier. Check the plushy out at the store link here and let us know if you plan on using a proxy to purchase it.

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