Video: 16 Easter Eggs in Zootopia (By TheThings Animated)


Greetings Citizens of Zootopia! Guess what? It’s time for a Zootopia easter egg hunt! How many of them did you end up finding on your first, second, third, or however many viewings you’ve had? Personally, I didn’t catch many as I don’t really look for that sort of thing, but everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the sort of details you’re looking to pick out in films.

Whether you’re just curious about some of the easter eggs out there, or maybe you’re just wondering if there’s any you missed, TheThings Animated is here to lend a helping hand or paw now that they’ve gone and done the deep dive to satisfy all you’re easter egg related interests. They’ve even gone and taken a look at Zootopia+, so you get more bang for your buck with this easter egg video.

From American Idol to Mary Poppins there is no shortage of references to be found. With this video, tracking down all those easter eggs shouldn’t be a problem! Be sure to check the video out in the link below or over on YouTube and let us know if you found anything new or exciting that tickles your fancy!