Judy Hopps Joins Shanghai Disney Resort’s Traditional Eye-Dotting Ceremony


Ni hao and xinnian hao to all of our ZNN readers. The Lunar New Year has come and passed and with it, the Year of the Rabbit has been rung in with much furor. Each Asian country, and those who share in the tradition outside the continent, share their own unique spins on traditional practices that come with the holiday. From the lighting of the fireworks to the kindling of lanterns, and the awe inspiring dragon and lion dances by many talented performers who put on these shows to an attentive audience.

One such tradition comes with the traditional eye-doting ceremony which is something that comes before the lion dance itself. For those curious about what that looks like, Shanghai Disneyland was kind enough to provide a video showing it off where you can see Judy and Nick present along with Micky and Minney to see off the ceremony.

The Laughing Place Network wrote a full summary of the events that were showcased at this celebration. The talent on display here is nothing short of astounding. So be sure to check out the article here as well as the video below and let us know if you’ve ever seen one of these shows in person.