Art of the Day #607

Nuznuz by MylaFox
Source [1]

Hello again everyone, and welcome to this week’s ZNN Art of the Day Collection.

Whoa, there’s a lot going on in today’s Featured Image; I wouldn’t mind Disney including a scene like this in Zootopia 2.  (YES, it’s finally happening!)  But have you spotted Nick and Judy yet? Trust me, they’re in here.

And in the meantime, there’s whole heapin’ helpin’ of great Zootopia fanart waiting for you below.  We’ve got Nick and Judy as the Joker and Harley Quinn, Judy and Lola Bunny trading costumes–and would you believe, Larry and Gary go to Versailles?

There’s all this and more, waiting for you when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


An arrest by Fewiesh
Source [2]

Judy Hopps riding on The Raptor in ARK. by J-ManTheAngel
Source [3]

Bunny costumes by @QupoStuv35
Source [4]

Day 31: Farm by @literallblue
Source [5]

A very spooki comm by DoodleDox
Source [6]

FgbqVhcUoAALeAn by @dogear218
Source [7]

I think we’re lost Carrots…. by @JonnyDoodles
Source [8]

What if, one day, Judy was suddenly taller than Nick? by Dardekilio
Source [9]

Graffiti : Z.P.D. Characters by @ThankU89121860
Source [10]

Happy 2022 Halloween for Zootopia! by @ThankU89121860
Source [11]

Trick or treat by KatieKitty03
Source [12]

Day 30: Gear by @literallblue
Source [13]

Gary at the hall of mirrors/Galerie de glaces by VictorLimaJardimBTBDrawingsFRY
Source [14]

Gary at Versailles by VictorLimaJardimBTBDrawingsFRY
Source [15]

Otterton Family by Humphrey2520
Source [16]

Taking her Outback by spiderweber
Source [17]

Source [18]

Judy’s Halloween PSA by KCVulpineStudios
Source [19]

Judy by Bylly-Gel
Source [20]

Judy and Nick by muhomora
Source [21]

Nick Smile by rubber
Source [22]

Mummy Judy by @moromorowephi
Source [23]

Sorceress Judy by @moromorowephi
Source [24]

Day 26: Ego by @literallblue
Source [25]

Coastal Getaway by @RealTwelveNine
Source [26]

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