Art of the Day #603

The Biggest Piece by imaginativegenius099
Source [1]

Happy Birthday, little Morris!

Hello again folks, and welcome to this week’s ZNN Art of the Day collection.

The star of today’s Featured Image was originally created for the ‘Tame Collar’ version of Zootopia.  Conceived as the son of Koslov, the big boss of Tundratown, Morris was slated to play a small but pivotal role in that film.   Unfortunately, he never made it into the final version.  When the plot was reworked to make Judy the central character, Mr. Big became Godfather of Tundratown, with Koslov as his chief enforcer, in a non-speaking role.  As a result, there was no longer any need for Morris and he was dropped from the cast.  Happily though, Disney resurrected him as the younger version of his dad in the Zootopia+ episode, Godfather of the Bride.

And there’s plenty more fanart on tap for you today, folks…as you’ll see for yourself when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Day 7: Trip by @literallblue
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He is just wanted to proof to HR that the door sign is misspelled… by @TheGorySaint
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Day 1: Gargoyle by @literallblue
Source [4]

2. Scurry by @literallblue
Source [5]

Day 12: Forget by @literallblue
Source [6]

Mom Helps Out by @ScruffyFoxwell
Source [7]

Day 13: Kind by @literallblue
Source [8]

She fell by @QupoStuv35
Source [9]

Sunset by @moromorowephi
Source [10]

Happy 5th by @takatmaorange
Source [11]

Sharply Dressed by Manual Artist search required!
Source [12]

Judy learns by Metonka
Source [13]

Nick Wilde by Konejo
Source [14]

Forget by @tajimau
Source [15]

Kind by @tajimau
Source [16]

Empty by @tajimau
Source [17]

Armadillo by @tajimau
Source [18]

Fowl by @tajimau
Source [19]

Salty by @tajimau
Source [20]

Ponytail by @tajimau
Source [21]

Scrape by @tajimau
Source [22]

Bluff by @tajimau
Source [23]

Bad Dog by @tajimau
Source [24]

Heist by @tajimau
Source [25]


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