Zootopia-Based Lego Set Proposed


Ever played Lego? Probably, it’s a pretty fun thing to do, great for kids, and quite a creative hobby for adults as well. There’s undeniably a large amount of variety when it comes to Lego sets. They can range from simple and straightforward designs to complex and sophisticated setpieces that can easily take weeks, months, or maybe even years.

The other thing about Lego is that there are quite a lot of franchises and properties that have debuted in Lego form, and it looks Zootopia may just get that opportunity as well. Lego has put out a new Zootopia project and there are currently six set designs under consideration. Here’s a sampling of some of the set designs they have so far:



These are all prototypes and have not currently been released, as this is from Lego Ideas, where fans of various properties can support projects to get them considered. The project could potentially go into production, but it needs your support to help make it happen. There is an option to offer feedback and input, so we’re gonna have to do our part to offer input if we want to make this a reality. Let’s do our part to make the world a better place, one Lego brick at a time!

Think Lego would be a good fit for Zootopia? Then be sure to let spread the word! Check out the article at the link here for more details.

[UPDATE: Edited to clarify that this is a proposal from Lego Ideas, a site where fans can submit plans, not Lego itself. Sorry about that confusion.]


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