Art of the Day #602

Nick Wilde Cosplay Head. by @search?q=zootopia&src=typed_query&f=image
Source [1]

Hello again, everyone…and welcome to another ZNN Art of the Day collection.

And now for something completely different…our featured image for this week is a newly created head for a Nick Wilde cosplay commission.

And it’s an absolute corker; it captures Nick’s sly, hustling nature almost perfectly. No kidding, I think it’s better than The Official Nick Wilde Costume from the Disney theme parks. Kudos to the creator for a magnificent job. (If you’re interested in a commission, ping him on Twitter.)

And…there’s lots of other great Zootopia Fanart waiting for you below when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Source [2]

Judy Jog by DoaTheJackalope
Source [3]

Trip by @tajimau
Source [4]

JUDY 2021 by petecantrop
Source [5]

Bouquet by @tajimau
Source [6]

Crabby by @tajimau
Source [7]

Judy Hopps by BrandonOmegaX2
Source [8]

Eagle by @tajimau
Source [9]

Judy Hopps by RB-GS
Source [10]

Strong Chance of Showers by gerplexan
Source [11]

Bat by @tajimau
Source [12]

Nix On The Omnitrix by TheBigGeeWhizz
Source [13]

It’s grape juice, Carrots! by HoH_Gilgames
Source [14]

Zootopia by Mr.Lucifer
Source [15]

Match by @tajimau
Source [16]

Sunset by Manual Artist search required!
Source [17]

Flame by @tajimau
Source [18]

exploratory work by 33x
Source [19]

Walking around Tundratown by Corgi
Source [20]

Spooky Nick Wilde, Ralsei, and Clairen by berbski
Source [21]

Nest by @tajimau
Source [22]

Gargoyle by @tajimau
Source [23]

Foxtober Prompt 12: Storm by KCVulpineStudios
Source [24]

Scurry by @tajimau
Source [25]

Scallop by @tajimau
Source [26]


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