Comic: Your Scent (By: PeanutK4)


Everyone has a special someone in their life, be it their best friend, their significant other, a close member of the family, or maybe just someone they’ve come to rely on. The kind of person that can help hold us up even when we’re feeling at our lowest. It’s no secret that many in the fandom imagine Nick and Judy share just such a relationship. But given the busy lives they lead, that type of relationship can lead to certain complications.

In this comic by Peanut-K. Judy finds herself stuck at home while is Nick working late. How’s she going to be able to handle the absence of her favourite fox? Being the strong-willed bunny she is, we certainly hope she’d be able to find a way to cope until she can finally see Nick again. Curious about what she will do? Then be sure to check out the comic in the link below and find out!