Art of the Day #568: Swimsuit Issue – 2022

Uncle Nick Took Us To The Beach by RaspberriesWH
Source [1]

Annnnd we’re back again–with another fabulous Art of the Day collection.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend, folks…the unofficial start of Summer for those of us here in the US.  To celebrate, ZNN is proud to present our 2022 Swimsuit Issue.

The Featured Image for this collection shows Nick and Judy, hanging out on the beach with our favorite bunny’s favorite niece; the darling of the Zootopia fanart community, Little Cotton Hopps.

And now, before we get to the artwork, a brief bit of history; the first ZNN swimsuit gallery was posted two years ago in recognition of our 500th Art of the Day collection.  It was intended to be the beginning of an annual event, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to present it last year.  No worries though people; it’s back again for 2022…with tons of great Zootopia swimsuit pics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


We get things rolling with a gallery of swimwear-themed fanart, featuring the one and only Judy Hopps

Here’s a bathing-suit image of Little Judy.   Whoever’s on the other end of that squirt-gun has no idea what they’re letting themselves in for.

Little Judy at the Beach by Kionbee
Source [2]

Now THERE’S a silly question!  Note the paw-design on the upper-half of Judy’s swimsuit, and the carrot-design on the lower half.

Judy Hopps takes a Swim by Joakaha
Source [3]

“Make sure you get my good side.”

Judi Swimsuit by Artalya
Source [4]

She’s cute when she gets mad, don’cha think?

Not Impressed by Qupo Stuv
Source [5]

Here we have Judy, sporting something a little more modest.

Judy Hopps by the Pool by the pool
Source [6]

And here she is, modeling some Official ZPD Swimwear

ZPD Swimsuit by @lost_disneyboy
Source [7]

…And something a little retro.

Summer Judy by @madkanatan
Source [8]

“Uh, Carrots?  I don’t know how to tell you this, but Gateway Computers are kind of outdated.”
“Oh, HAR-de-Har….really funny, Slick!”

Martini Judy by @Jelly_lewd
Source [9]

How about a swimwear pic of Judy as a lifeguard?

Swimsuit Judy Hopps by @Chibi_N92
Source [10]

That beach ball looks like it’s about to go upside her head.

Beach Ball Judy by SquishySissy
Source [11]

Look closely, do you notice anything wrong with this scene?  We can only hope that carrot-pen is waterproof.

Judy Pool by Mcfli
Source [12]

She’s got it made in the shade.

Judy Goes to the Beach by ChipsGM
Source [13]

This seems to be common theme round these parts; Judy in a swimsuit, with a drink in her paw.  There’s another pic like this one down below.

Judy Hopps Drink by ParadoxJH
Source [14]

In this piece, we see Judy showing off the hottest new trend in swimwear–a Gris Bathing Suit.
Oh, and they’re also a hot item with the Zootopia fanart community; you’ll see more examples of them as you scroll down.

Do I Look Cute? by Onzeno
Source [15]

You can’t go wrong with the classic black bikini

Judy Hopps 2 by Orca24a
Source [16]

…Although red woks pretty good too.

Judy on the Beach by Scottytheman
Source [17]

Okay-y-y Carrots…but if Benjamin Clawhauser tries to eat that float-tube, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Summer Bun, 2021 by OsakaOji
Source [18]

Plain suit…fancy drink

Judy Hopps Fanart 2 by WolfBane154
Source [19]

It always pays to be prepared.

Judy Hopps meadow by berss
Source [1]

I-I-I dunno Nick…the last time you pulled this gag, a team of doctors had to labor all night to get that starfish out of your sinuses.

Bunny Buns by Ukon_vasara
Source [21]

And on the subject of Mr. Wilde, let’s move on to some swimwear fanart, featuring our favorite tod-fox.

What Nick thinks he looks like in a bathing suit.

Nick Wilde – Buf by sandblastcoyote
Source [22]

What he REALLY looks like….

How to Celebrate at the Beach by Kendall Collins
Source [23]

“Oh, you handsome hunk of fox, you.  You DEVIL, you…hrm?   All right Carrots, what’s with all the eye-rolling?”

Summer Selfie by Skdaffle
Source [24]

And now some swimwear pics, featuring Nick and Judy together.

Note the teeth marks on Judy’s ear of corn; a nice touch.

On The Beach by zigrock001
Source [25]

Nobody does WildeHopps like Qalcove

Don’t Say a Word by @QalcoveArt
Source [26]

Awwww Nick, you ol’ smoothie…

Summer Stuff by bubblecop
Source [27]

Surprise, Judy!

Gotcha Bunny by ulako
Source [28]

And now it’s time to bring in more of the Zootopia gang.

Judy and Finnick tag up on Nick

Bang! by ulako
Source [29]

Awww, we had to include a swimsuit-pic of Gazelle.  Besides, this one’s just AWESOME!

Gazelle Bikini by パランタskeb募集中
Source [30]

Here’s one with Jack Savage

Judy Jerry Jack Beach Time by Sayochi3
Source [31]

And, of course, wherever Jack goes, Skye follows

Beautiful View by @link6432
Source [32]

Another pic, featuring a Gris Bathing Suit.

Griswimsuit Skye by link6432
Source [33]

Some swimsuit artwork of Dawn Bellwether.
Note the tattoos on her arm and shoulder; yes, she does have some 
areas of exposed skin.  Good call by the artist here.

Beachsheep by OsakaOji
Source [34]

Next up, a swimwear pic of ZNN Anchor-Cat, Fabienne Growley

Fabienne (v.1) by idorere
Source [35]

Nope, that’s not Larry or Gary; it’s one of Judy’s fellow ZPD cops, Officer Grizzoli

Jumping to the Pool by Corgi
Source [36]

Here’s a slightly obscure one–Honey, from the ‘Tame- Collar’ version of Zootopia

Honey Toobin by tggeko
Source [37]

And an even more obscure pic from the same universe–Koslov’s trio of arctic-fox masseuse-vixens, showing off their Gris bathing suits.

arctic Triplets by @robcivecat
Source [38]

Here’s a couple of swimsuit images featuring Tanuyama, the tanuki who played the ZNN anchor mammal in Zootopia’s Japanese release.

Tanuyama on the beach by Corgi
Source [39]

Tanuyama on the beach (II) by Corgi
Source [40]

Continuing with the theme of the image above, here’s Benjamin Clawhauser, kicking back on a float-tube.  (No, I guess he didn’t try to eat it.)  We are greatly relieved that isn’t a Speedo he’s wearing.

Clawhauser in the Pool by mbthomas
Source [41]

Here’s one featuring young Benjamin in a swimsuit, together with Gideon Grey and a fan-character.  Technically, that’s not a bathing suit Gideon has on, but still…didn’t you ever go swimming in cutoffs?

Wish You Were Here, Dipper. by kresblain
Source [42]

We wrap things up with a mega-crossover swimsuit pic.  If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Rivet.
Though if Michiru decides to get her gorilla-arm on with that water-balloon she’s holding…look out!

The Ultimate Water Sport by johnjoseco
Source [43]

And finally…
In the immortal words of Screwy Squirrel, “Oh, brother…not THAT!”

A popsicle by pixelsketcher
Source [44]

Until next time…

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  1. “Wish You Were Here, Dipper” by Kresblain is an art piece that was done as a birthday gift for me back in 2016. The fan character in the image is mine, Bobby Thornbody. Gideon is my favorite character from the movie, with Clawhauser being my second.

    A friend of mine sent this page to me. Seeing that the image made it to the ZNN website put a smile on my face that I desperately needed today!

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