Art of the Day #569

Judy Hopps vs The Beavers -1 by @fever_artistry
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Hello, all you happy fans of Zootopia

You know what?
Nick can be a real troll sometimes.

Our featured and first images show him at his absolute most wicked and conniving. Seriously Fox, this is one of the most sick, twisted stunts you’ve ever pulled on poor, unsuspecting Judy…and we’re really ashamed of ourselves for laughing our tails off.

Mmmm, perhaps it might be the wisest course of action just to move to the rest of this week’s Art of the Day collection. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Laugh while you can, foxy-boy.  She’ll get even; she always gets even.

Judy Hopps vs. The Beavers – 2 by @fever_artistry
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Paw Up by @osiJetaime
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Piggyback Ride by @osiJetaime
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Trade-Off by @osiJetaime
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Line up by @Merchant_004
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FoxZ n’ the Hoodie by @ahiru621
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Judy sheds by @ahiru621
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Judy tatsumaki by Pace-Maker
Source [9]

Wade and Mathilda, Speed or Power by MisterFyrryMan
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Sheriff-Nick Wilde by Forestofnight
Source [11]

Solve One by 0l-Fox-l0
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DOOM HOPPS by Pace-Maker
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Mayor by doublechar.b.o
Source [14]

Larry leaving a coffee shop by VictorLimaJardimBTBDrawingsFRY
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Lady and the Tramp themed WildeHopps by TheFoxNinja17
Source [16]

Judy Hopps stretching by elys1an_furries
Source [17]

Boys Thinking Girls by ameth18
Source [18]

Judy Hopps – Pulse of my City by BroDogz
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Tiger by softailfox
Source [20]

Cold Judy by peanutbtter
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😀 by Alex_Fevralsky
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Comm For Patient Zero by link6432
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Um, hi by 4pcsSet
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Judy Doodles by Qupo Stuv
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Young Judy and Nick by Qupo Stuv
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Maid Judy by Qupo Stuv
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Juder by peanutbtter
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