News: Zootopia Themed Cusine Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort



Just because it’s a basic necessity for life doesn’t mean it can’t be art. That logic applies to many things in life: water, air, sunlight and even food. And as any cooking show will teach you, there is no shortage of beautiful food displays that are every bit as artistic as they are tasty.

Are you one of those individuals who’s always looking to expand their palette and possibly enjoy some lovely displays of art in the process? Well, the Disney Resort in Tokyo can help you with that! In a recent update posted by tdr_doria over on Twitter, it was revealed that the Japanese Disney Resort venue has added a new line of Zootopia-themed cuisine to their menu! Check out some of the goodies posted in the link below, don’t they look so tantalizing and delicious? But with such an artful flair, I don’t know if I want to eat them or make a display out of them.

Even if going to Japan to try them isn’t really an option, they’re still worth checking out just for the visuals alone. Heck, maybe even the culinary artists among you might be inclined to take a shot at recreating them yourself. If you do manage to give any of these a try or take a shot at making your own, be sure to let us know.



  1. Japan, China, China, Japan, Japan, China, Japan…who’s the marketing genius who’s forgotten all of Europe and the Americas with Zootopia-themed stuff? I’m a food artist of sorts too, would love to be able to partake in some of this sort of thing….
    Although, I guess if I really want to I can recreate them myself…

  2. Why do we keep jipped out of Zootopia based stuff over Japan and China? I know the movie was huge there, but we loved it too!

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