Art of the Day #565

Mama Wilde Knows Best by @CakeTriflez
Source [1]

Hello again Zootopia Fans, and welcome once gain to our weekly Art of the Day collection.

Our Featured Image for today is one of the funniest takes on Nick and his mother we’ve ever seen. As a friend of mine confirmed, she’s acting almost like a stereotypical Jewish mama in this pic…either that, or she’s channeling Ming Lee from Turning Red.   Meanwhile, in the background, Judy doesn’t seem to know whether to laugh or go for her cell-phone camera. 

One thing we do have to admit though; our favorite fox probably could use a little more meat on his bones. Oh well Nick, look at it this way–at least your mom’s not pestering you about when she’s going to see some grandkids.

Okay-y-y, we’ve embarrassed Nick enough for one day–and so we invite you to scroll down and check out the rest of today’s gallery. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Down Time by maru
Source [2]

Snuggles by maru
Source [3]

Turtleneck by maru
Source [4]

Heart 2 Nick by maru
Source [5]

Always by maru
Source [6]

Bunny Maid by maru
Source [7]

Faces by maru
Source [8]

back 2 back by maru
Source [9]

Nose 2 Nose by maru
Source [10]

Nose 2 Nose 2 by maru
Source [11]

Working by maru
Source [12]

Backless by maru
Source [13]

Bedtime by maru
Source [14]

Nosy Fox by maru
Source [15]

Side By Side by maru
Source [16]

Package by maru
Source [17]

Share the moment by maru
Source [18]

Heart by maru
Source [19]

Bench buddies by maru
Source [20]

Let’s Go! by たさきようだい
Source [21]

Super Trooper by Kilopantyraider
Source [22]

Bogo by 一角天馬(GALLOP)
Source [23]

Judy and Fru by 一角天馬(GALLOP)
Source [24]

Thank You by 一角天馬(GALLOP)
Source [25]

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