Night Plague: The Beast Awakens

[Rating T13][Supernatural][Suspense]

“Hold on to your crucifix, get a wooden stake and take some garlic with you. We´re in the 1890s and Zootopia´s finest real estate broker Nicholas Wilde is ready for a lucrative business trip to Romania. The journey becomes more and more mysterious the closer our red fox gets to Transylvania. But the real horror starts when Nick faces the one and only Vampire King, Count Dracula. ~Dusty”

Author: Omnitrix12

Description :
“It’s the 1890s, and when Nicholas Wilde departs to Romania on a business trip everything seems to be normal. His trip, however, is not so innocent as he supposes. He had been chosen by a force of evil such as the world has never seen, and soon the city and mammals he loves will be the target of an unspeakable horror. This… is Night Plague”

Night Plague: The Beast Awakens.

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