Story: Savage Measures

Art by AlanSchezar

[Rating T13][Detective Noir][Murder Mystery]

The Thin Blue line faces new challenges every day to make the world just a little bit better. But one challenge can change the life of an officer within one day. Savage Measures is not only following the very first Wolf Officer at the ZPD, we also dive deep into the various emotions of a cop who lost his partner. A huge loss and an even bigger mystery that the Wolf Officer has to solve. ~Dusty

Author: AlanSchezar

Description :
“Fifteen years before Judy Hopps donned the badge and made history, Eli Wolfram witnessed his partner and mentor make the ultimate sacrifice to save him from murderous thugs. Teetering on the edge of despair, Eli quickly discovers that Grizzwald’s murder isn’t as simple as it seems, and sometimes the line between right and wrong, good and evil, justice and vengeance, becomes indistinct. Desperate to bring Grizzwald’s true killers to justice, Eli steps into the dark underworld of Zootopia and learns that treacherous times call for savage measures.”

Savage Measures.

Additional Tags: Code 99 – Officer Down!

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  1. Stoked to see the story up! Thanks for featuring it 🙂 Hope everyone enjoys it so far!

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