Video: Making Judy Laugh (By: AustinWoozToons)



It’s the simple things in life that make life so sweet. A nice tasty donut, a quick joke, even some fun little shenanigans. Well, it looks like Nick’s more than happy to do all of those things to help put a smile on his bunny partner’s face in this short animation by AustinWoozToons. Apparently drawing animals is hard if the opening message of the video is anything to go by, but I’d say Austin did a fine job with it. And really, what’s more wholesome than our favourite fox doing his best to make Judy laugh?

So for those of you looking for a little pick-me-up to boost your mood this Monday, here’s an animation as short as it is sweet. You can check it out below or on YouTube.

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  1. 22 Seconds of joy.
    The only thing that could make this masterpiece any better would be inking and colouring. LOVE THIS.

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