ZNN Community Discord’s Meme Competition: Judy Tells a Bad Joke!

Hello Zootopia fandom and friends of ZNN!

The ZNN Community Discord is a place of colorful personalities and wild shenanigans. Today we celebrate one of our most prolific of the latter, crowning a new Meme Lord as well! The competition began in September with a meme depicting a bunny making a pun to a fox who clearly can’t decide whether to laugh or introduce his paw to his face. Over 2 months of laughter, tears, and voting later, we present the winner!

Congratulations to our new honorary Meme Lord, and a healthy round of applause for the runner-ups!

Voting was super tough and we want to thank everybody who participated! Here are the rest, in alphabetical order sorted by their creator.




Con Mèo




Kora Cottontail

SpelterFrom left to right, Andy Lagopus, Giftheck, Spelter, Tonakuma.

These last 4 were not considered for the competition because they were posted after the deadline. However, they still deserve a place in this post as Honorable Mentions.

Feeling inspired? Try making your own here and then share it with us on the ZNN Community Discord!