Story: Small

Art by Dravening

[Rating T13][Slice of Life]

Zootopia has mammals large and small, and in this soft burning drama series WillyPilgrim shows our familiar world through the eyes of one of its smallest residents. Liam Ratowice is a regular rat working a regular job, but in non-regular times. As you follow him through the beginnings of the Nighthowler crisis, you get a new and interesting perspective on the world we all know so well. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Pilgrim

Description :
Liam Ratowice is a rat living in Zootopia. Everything in his life, both physically and emotionally, is, to him, an uphill battle. Now, living more independently as well as with the “savage crisis” plaguing the city, he must find betterment in himself.


Additional Tags: “Goood morning, Zootopia!”

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  1. “Small” by Willy Pilgrim is entertaining, but it appears abandoned.
    When this was posted, I was hoping it had been updated, but alas, no.

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