Merch: New Zootopia Pins Available Soon at Dpb Store!


Readers, we have a rather pinteresting find here on ZNN. Artlanduk has recently put out some new Zootpia themed pins and they will surely leave you pining for…some pins! Disneypinsblog made this discovery and notes that they were made available for purchase last January! Be sure to check out their shop if you are interested and if you end up buying them, don’t be afraid to let us know. They look amazing and we’d love to see these pins on display

Check out the link to the post here or Artlanduk for more details.


  1. I’m already broke, but would have made myself more so if these were available…sadly, not listed on the site anymore, either one.

    • Edit: there are a couple on eBay, but damn is the price way out of reach for me on one of them…

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