Story: Days of Change

Art by ChaoRA

[General Audiences][AU][Family]

We’ve had takes on Funnies and Boxes in the past, but none quite as unique as this. As Nick and Judy are blessed with a bunch of kits more whose appearance would be more familiar in Kanto than Zootopia, they and their family are busy living their life. A life about to get especially busy as their uniquely named Kits begin developing some uniquely inspired powers. A very different fic, but sometimes that can be an awesome thing. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Galgus

Description :
Three years after the savage conspiracy, Nick and Judy married and had their first litter of kits. Their lives as parents and police officers have been satisfying, but as the seventeenth anniversary of that trying time draws near, another strange case and a jarring revelation await them: some mammals have developed supernatural powers, and their kits are among them.

Days of Change

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  1. I need to clarify that there are two authors: me and KnownByManyNames on reddit and Jirrgatoth on Archive of Our Own, where the story is posted.

    We’ve been on a hiatus, but the next chapter is nearly out out of the proofreading stage and will be ready soon.

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