Merch: Adorable and Mysterious New Collection of Figurines From Pop Mart


Now available from the Chinese company Pop Mart comes a new array of Zootopian figurines. Shown within the photo above, I count 12 individual characters with multiple iterations of the same ones bringing the total number of figurines to at least 16. You might ask: “What is the mystery the title of this post mentions?” Well apart from Pop Mart’s explanation for Judy’s azure colored eyes, I find myself wondering if the whole collection is in fact pictured here?

With no option to choose one specifically, they are for sale individually with an option to buy a 12-piece set that may or may not contain a “secret”, “hidden” or “chase” figure. We need answers, Pop Mart! Is there a “secret” Mayor Lionheart, a “hidden” Emmitt Otterton?” or a “chase” Mr. Manchas? How can we possibly collect them all?

If you’re interested in helping to solve that little mystery or are just looking to expand your Zootopia collection, then check them out at the link here.

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  1. Well india forbids it. Does he?
    Cuz it’s a Chinese website

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